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Small Group Make up Schedule 2017 - 2018

When a student misses a lesson for any reason, that student is entitled to sign up for a group make up lesson.  These lessons are organized by instrument and in many cases by ability level.  They are held on Fridays in the early evening and on Saturday mornings and afternoons.  They are one hour in length.  The dates, times and instruments/ability levels are listed and coded below.

The code works like this.  The first letter designates Friday (F) or Saturday (S).  Next is the month and day expressed numerically.  Then is the time of the lesson followed by the instrument/ability code and finally the teacher hosting the lesson.  So, a code of "F5/20 7PM BG Geoff" under Beginning Guitar would indicate a group lesson for beginning guitar players held on Friday May, 20th at 7:00 p.m. and hosted by Geoff Hansplant.

   In signing up for group lessons please bear in mind the ability level of the student rather than the teacher hosting it.  Students may take lessons with any of our teachers.  In fact, it is a great idea for the student to have the chance to learn from other members of our staff.

   To select and sign up for a make up lesson, look at the schedule below for the instrument and ability level that best suits the student, then find a date and time which work for you.  Copy the code and paste it into the e-mail form at the bottom of the page where it reads "Date/Time/Lesson Info," complete the other details and click send.  We will send you a confirming e-mail to let you know you are registered.

Small Group Make Up Schedule

Beginning Piano (BP)              


F7/21 5PM BP Sabrina

S8/19 10AM BP Becky

S9/16 10AM BP Monique

S9/22 5PM BP Sabrina

S10/21 10AM BP Becky

F11/17 5PM BP Sabrina

S12/16 10AM BP Becky

F1/26 5PM BP Sabrina

S2/3 10AM BP Becky

F3/16 5PM BP Sabrina

S4/14 10AM BP Becky

F5/11 5PM BP Sabrina

S6/2 10AM BP Becky

F7/27 5PM BP Sabrina

Intermediate Piano (IP)


S7/15 10AM IP Becky

F8/18 5PM IP Sabrina

S9/23 10AM BP Becky

F10/13 5PM IP Sabrina

S10/14 12PM IP Julie

S11/4 10AM IP Becky

F12/15 5PM IP Sabrina

S1/20 10AM IP Becky

F2/9 5PM IP Sabrina

S3/10 10AM IP Becky

F4/20 5PM IP Sabrina

S5/19 10AM IP Becky

F6/15 5PM IP Sabrina

S7/14 10AM IP Becky


Beginning Guitar (BG)


S7/22 10AM BG Pete

S8/26 12PM BG Geoff

S10/21 2PM BG Pete

F11/17 5PM BG Geoff

F1/19 5PM BG Geoff

S2/24 10AM BG Pete

F3/23 5PM BG Geoff

S4/14 12PM BG Geoff

S5/19 2PM BG Pete

S7/21 12PM BG Geoff


Intermediate Guitar (IG)


F7/14 5PM IG Geoff

S8/19 2PM IG Pete

F9/22 5PM IG Geoff

S10/14 12PM IG Geoff

S11/11 10AM IG Pete

S12/9 12PM IG Geoff

S1/13 2PM IG Pete

S2/17 12PM IG Geoff

S4/21 10AM IG Pete

F5/18 5PM IG Geoff

F6/15 5PM IG Geoff

S7/28 2PM IG Pete


Bass (B)


S7/15 12PM B Rory

F8/4 5PM B Rory

S9/16 12PM B Rory

S10/21 2PM B Rory

S11/18 12PM B Rory

S12/9 2PM B Rory

S1/27 12PM B Rory

S2/17 2PM B Rory

S3/3 12PM B Rory

S4/7 2PM B Rory

S5/12 12PM B Rory

S6/30 2PM B Rory

S7/28 12PM B Rory


Sign Up For A Lesson

Please Copy the Date/Time/Lesson info from the schedule above and paste it into the "Date / Time / Lesson Code" space below before submitting your request.


Beginning Voice (BV)


S7/15 12PM BV Julie

S8/19 10AM BV Monique

S9/30 3PM BV Kent

S11/18 3PM BV Kent

S12/16 10AM BV Monique

S1/13 12PM BV Julie

F2/16 5PM BV Kent

S3/3 10AM BV Monique

S4/21 12PM BV Julie

F5/25 5PM BV Kent

S6/16 10AM BV Monique

S7/21 12PM BV Julie

Intermediate Voice (IV)


S7/29 1PM IV Kent

S8/26 12PM IV Julie

S10/14 10AM IV Monique

S11/11 12PM IV Julie

F12/15 5PM IV Kent

S1/20 10AM IV Monique

S2/17 12PM IV Julie

S3/17 3PM IV Kent

S4/21 10AM IV Monique

S5/12 12PM IV Julie

S6/9 3PM IV Kent

S7/21 10AM IV Monique

Drums (D)


S7/15 9AM D Paul

S8/12 12PM D Paul

S9/9 12PM D Paul

S10/21 12PM D Paul

S11/18 12PM D Paul

S12/9 12PM D Paul

S1/13 12PM D Paul

S2/17 12PM D Paul

S3/10 12PM D Paul

S4/14 12PM D Paul

S5/12 12PM D Paul

S6/9 12PM D Paul

S7/14 12PM D Paul

Strings (S)


S7/1 10AM S Monique

F8/18 5PM S Kent

S9/16 12PM S Julie

F10/20 5PM S Kent

S11/18 10AM S Monique

S12/9 12PM S Julie

S1/20 3PM S Kent

S2/10 10AM S Monique

S3/10 12PM S Julie

S4/14 3PM S Kent

S5/19 10AM S Monique

S6/16 12PM S Julie

F7/20 5PM S Kent

Trumpet (T)


S7/22 10AM T Jamal

S8/26 2PM T Jamal

S9/30 10AM T Jamal

S10/28 10AM T Jamal

S11/11 2PM T Jamal

S12/2 10AM T Jamal

S1/27 10AM T Jamal

S2/24 10AM T Jamal

S3/24 10AM T Jamal

S4/28 12PM T Jamal

S5/5 10AM T Jamal

S6/23 12PM T Jamal

S7/28 10AM T Jamal


Saxophone / Clarinet (SCL)


S9/23 10AM SCL Pete

S12/16 10AM SCL Pete

S3/24 2PM SCL Pete

S6/16 12PM SCL Pete



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Congratulations to Cappella's Samantha Klein, who will be starring as Amahl in the Delaware Valley Opera Company's production of Amahl and the Night Visitors, Saturday, January 6th, 2018, in two shows, at 4:00 and 7:00p.m.  The performance will be staged at the Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center, 7 Lock Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19127.  Great job, Samantha!

Congratulations to Cappella's Grace Stancavage on her winning of the role of Morticia in the Abington Junior High School production of The Addams Family!  Just another day of living the dream, for Grace.

And Congratulations go out as well to Gwen Nolan, who has won the role of Wednesday Addams in the Abington Junior High School production of The Addams Family.  Gwen is yet another of our outstanding young vocalists, poised for much bigger things with each new adventure.  Well done, Gwen!

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